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Why would we want to share tips, provide guidance, and help you be your own coach when that is exactly what we are here to do, and frankly, it is how we make our money? We have all spent the time logging miles ourselves. We have invested in a certification through UESCA, which is an evidence based approach to coaching and training methods. Instead of offering the way we pay our own bills (custom coaching), why would we want to provide this guide to do at no charge?

Because we care.

Another way of looking at it is: If you want to build a car, we can give you the template to do it yourself. If at any point you get frustrated, feel like it is taking too long, or find yourself needing some help, reach out….we can help at that point. We want this training guide to be somewhat of a resource for you to look back on or refer to when you are thinking about your own training or creating that plan for your next race. We have all spent the first few years in endurance sports just sort of doing our own thing, running whatever pace we felt like, skipping days, then having massive training days. We were were all over the place. Tons of time was wasted. There is no sense of you having to do that. We will cover topics such as planning your race season, establishing training zones, defining what a base-build-taper periods are, and all other things #RunRelated.

So, think of this as your little crash course and my hope is that it saves you some time and gives you something to think about along the way. When planning, my hope is that this site is something you can circle back to for information. Follow along as I update the page with new articles and be sure to tag #runrelated if you share anything found to be beneficial.

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