Welcome Kayla Mascari to the talented group of Coaches at RunRelated


  • RunRelated helped change my life, my lifestyle, helped me exceed my goals and prepared me for race day better than I had ever been before. RunRelated helped me become a better me.

    Bill A. Missouri
  • Without the personalized coaching from RunRelated I don't know if I would have made it to the starting line, let alone qualify for the Boston Marathon. My coach worked around my issues, modifying my training to still have me ready to race. If you are considering your first marathon, or think a BQ is out of reach, I encourage you to contact RunRelated for coaching. It's the best decision I've made as a runner.

    Julie S. Texas
  • Since I have been training with Coach Christy at RunRelated, I have seen a huge improvement in my running. If you are looking to improve your running or train for a new race distance, Coach Christy will get you there.

    Nancy G. Massachusetts
  • RunRelated has taught me to be patient with my progress and to trust the process. I love seeing my scheduled workouts on TrainingPeaks each week. I love looking back at the progress I've made. I love knowing my coach believes in me and is right there with me every step of the way.

    Erin K. Texas
  • I liked running; but after joining the RunRelated team, I LOVE it! The training not only gave me guidance I needed but also challenged me in a variety of ways that made running even more fun while pushing me to be better.

    Ben D. Oklahoma
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